Terrarium Care

Care for your Air Plant Terrarium: Air plants are relatively easy to care for! Keep in a bright spot, but not in direct light. Once a week, take the air plant out of the container and soak in clean water (spring or rainwater is best). Soak for 1-2 hours and place it back into the container.

Care for your dry terrarium: Do not add water unless the soil/sand is completely dried out. Spritz or pour 2-4 oz of water on the side of the glass so the water seeps down to the root system. The amount of water depends on the size of the container. 

Care for your enclosed terrarium: Plants in an enclosed terrarium recycle their own air and water and generally won’t need to be watered for several months. If condensation builds up inside the container, leave the top off for a few hours so it can dry out. Check the moisture level once per week by touching the surface of the soil.

For all plants:
Touch the soil to detect dryness
Water with spring or rain water if possible.
Do not fertilize terrarium plants. They will quickly outgrow their homes much faster that way!

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