Friday, March 30, 2012

Nature walk, after the rain

Spring arrived in Texas early this year, as it usually does. We had a very temperate winter with only a few days of freezing. My friends and I enjoyed prosperous winter gardens that those who live in the colder parts of the country would be most envious of ("green" with envy...bad pun). Later, when it starts scorching and everything dies by about, July, I'll have to go back to this post to remember that this is why I live in Texas: temperate winters and early springs.
So, I got my daughter Viola in the jogger and we took a nature walk on the running trails near our home. There had been a storm a few nights before. One of my favorite times to go on these walks is after the rain because it never ceases to amaze me how lush all the vegetation looks right after the rain. I'll share some photos from our stroll. Highlights include bright orange moss and budding cacti. Also, catch my terrarium tip of the day at the end of this post!

Next I need to capture some landscapes with all the bluebonnets. They are doing great this year and I still haven't done the annual "take pictures of your kids in the bluebonnets" thing yet.

Tip: for those who harvest their own mosses like I do, here is a link about how to wash your moss properly from The Fern and Mossery blog: wash your moss!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What is an apothecary?

a·poth·e·car·y: Could I have the language of origin, please?

1325–75; Middle English  (< Old French ) < Medieval Latin apothēcārius  seller of spices and drugs, Late Latin:  shopkeeper,equivalent to Latin apothēc a shop, storehouse (< Greek apothḗkē; see apo-theca) + -ārius -ary  [from]

It took me forever to think of a good name. After agonizing about it for over a month, I settled on this one. But what, really, is an apothecary? Well, as it seems, it can be a rather loose term depending on the language of origin. I can work with that!
 My little shop does not sell pharmaceuticals, nor am I a chemist (it would be pretty cool if I was, though). I sell terrariums. Actually I want to sell them so I can afford to keep making them. This is my early, beginning attempts to take my obsessive hobby and do something with it. If you love plants like I do, you might enjoy what's in store. If you are one of those people that "can kill anything," come learn a thing or two from someone who has killed a few, too. I'm a learn-as-I-go kind of girl. Stump me with questions so I have to go research an answer. Or better, just check back soon and see if this really leads to anything. I hope it does.