Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Organisms under glass

Most of my friends and family have recently been gifted a terrarium I've made. What may seem generous on the surface is actually, sort of, not. When I first began all of this, earlier this year, I needed an experimental group of people to "test" my product on. A focus group, if you will. You see, most people say, "I can't keep a plant alive," or "I'm really good at killing plants." Pish-posh, I say. Now, I know for certain that those people can keep a plant alive because I gave them one, and they did. Terrariums are the perfect thing for those who have such little faith in their plant-care abilities.

This is an example of a "dry" terrarium (or a desertarium, really). Succulents are a pretty big deal, at the moment as they are very easy to care for and they look so cool! Oh, the variety! Oh, the oddities! They really make a statement. I've seen them used in so many ways from wreaths to wedding bouquets. I wish I had thought of that...

This one became a birthday gift to a very good friend of mine last February. It is a beautiful specimen of Echeveria, "Topsy-turvy" (right) and Sempervivum (left). I made its home from a small brandy glass my mom had given me (I hoard glass now, for obvious reasons). It is rooted in fine, white sand and adorned with chartreuse reindeer moss (aka, lichen) and some tiny shells. It has a "beachy" feel to it. 
After almost two months, this specimen is still quite happy in its home. 

Tip: Spritzing the sides of the glass with a spray bottle will help keep the glass clean-looking and the water will seep down to the root systems slowly, which is the best way to water succulents. You can also spray the plant itself to give it a little shower and keep it looking nice, too. Click on the "Terrarium Care" section for more info.

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